Thursday, 6 October 2016


Dear 8 am morning class,
I sometimes wonder what did I do in my past life, to deserve coming across you, year after year, without fail. Every year I tell myself and hope this time it would be different.
But Alas! My prayers regarding you always go unanswered. Do you even realize how much you rule and dictate my life? You are the sole reason I have dark circles around my eyes and I look like a zombie when I meet you every day.
You are the reason I can't sit and watch "Friends" and "One tree hill" all night. You are the reason I don't go out to late night gatherings because inevitably if I avoid meeting you, you make me suffer. You are the only reason I didn't do well at times because I am not a morning person and I don't remember what the teachers taught. If not that, you also make sure my life turns into a nightmare by ruining my overall attendance if I get late.
Setting up an alarm makes me so sad. It just ruins my entire day. Have you ever heard of that if the start goes well the day is automatically good? Well to your pleasure and mine displeasure, you ruin every day of mine, except Sunday without even trying hard.
But you are indifferent to how badly you make me pay as long as you win. Morning class come on. Be a sport.

Please understand that I really need my beauty sleep. I really need to watch the latest season of Suits. I really need to know what Sid posted on Facebook and how many likes my latest Instagram picture received. I really need to check out all the new Brangelina memes and see how you do nail art at home. I have millions of other very important things to do apart from meeting you all time. Why don't you get it?
Cut me some slack would you? For once understand that I really don't want to flunk my finals and be turned out of my own house for failing exams due to you only. Wouldn't you feel guilty?
It's because of you I start my day, each day without breakfast and stay hungry till mid afternoon. Have you forgotten how important is a good breakfast for a person's well being? But no. Apparently you never focus on my sufferings.
Because of you my phone is never charged and I can never play the latest candy crush level whenever there is that boring forensics lecture. I stay disoriented all day and forget that I was supposed to wish my best friend her birthday because my sleep ain't done. Why can't you be a bit nicer and become a late morning class?
Technically it's still a morning till the clock strikes 12. So what's the hurry? Its not like what you aim to deliver at 8 cannot be delivered after minimum 10 at least.
Think about it. Because this way forget Facebook likes, you will get plenty of hate mails and you will be forever cursed. Concerned about your well being and obviously mine.
Yours Sincerely, The one whose life you have been ruining for the past 16 years without giving it a miss. I need a break.


Stepping through.



A moment to orient myself with the present. 

It hits. Where am I currently?

What lies ahead?

What comes next?

Is this what I was looking for, unaware of what I was looking for?

How long a distance,  there is still ahead to tread along? 

All the thoughts flood in. Yet, the answers still evade.

Sunday, 14 February 2016


I was randomly scrolling through my news feed when a picture caught my eye. It was a picture that evoked so many emotions entangled with nostalgia in a fraction of a second.  

Funny how you aren't thinking about it and it's miles away and then suddenly everything brings it crashing back. 
Yesterday only I was telling myself that I should learn to appreciate the good times I have had up till now. And let the rest go.

Our people whom we called our own in the world so they can venture near and far. And make someone else feel like we once did when they were our friends. And how I was lucky they were once an integral part of my life.
But how do you stop missing them or wishing they were still around. It was a picture of 3 of my friends from college who are in a different medical university and yet together. I don't envy them because I love them all. But there's a part of me that always knocks home that they are together there and I am not with them.

I logically know it's a part of life and it's how life moves on. And I will still meet them again. Just not like everyday, all the time like we used to be. And they still have that to look forward to. And a part if me wishes everyday that I was around them too.

Because no matter how many new people you come across and befriend you can't really replace your old friends. 
Whenever I look at people in my school around who still have their old friends together. I am struck with nostalgia and the realization how lucky they are.

And at that every moment,  I miss my friends. Because despite all the new ones I have it's just not the same. Won't ever be the same.

The little comfort that I found was I once was with them like that. I will always hold on to those.