Tuesday, 30 May 2017


So basically I am debilating which one would it be? Either I am going to melt quicker than a Mcflurry ever did in record time or be roasted and charred, grilled to perfection to the bla

ckest steak you ever had.

You feel I am exaggerating? Unfortunately No.

 Hello Karachi summers.

Hot sweltering heat. Tonnes of humidity.
To top it off our darling KE decides to pull off the plug at the very moment ensuring the summer Inferno leaves no remain.

It's the third of Ramadan. And guess what?
We welcomed Ramadan in the early hours of Sunday morning with plenty of unity.
With Whole blackout in Karachi.

But that's not all.
 Since that moment its been playing hide and seek, unconcerned about our predicament.
I got home early from the hospital and was plannjng to take a afternoon nap since, there was no electricity the entire night and morning.

But why would KE let that happen?
Of course not. The moment I take a shower and return to switch my fan at top speed and lie down.

There it goes again.
I should have known.

Here I sit telling you all this, hoping against hope and praying for the electricity to return.
It makes me cringe to think of all the others out there in this heat and the less fortunate ones who don't have access to a UPS or generator.

May Allah give everyone the power to fast and have some mercy on everyone and cool down the weather.

Darling Electricity dont you think it's enough of Long time, no see?

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  1. Oh Toobs, I really hope your electricity comes back on and stays on. It's sounds dreadfully hot... I feel for people that have no air conditioner or at least a good workin fan... I'd live in the tub with ice cubes xox ♡♡